Our house is located in Zilbeti, a small town located in northern Navarra, near the muga with France. We met at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level and surrounded by mountains rising to nearly 1500m above sea level, therefore the name of our town is from the phrase in Basque "Zíloan Beti" that its translation into english is "always in the hole".

We are located in the heart of the Pyrenees Navarro, within the Natura 2000 network, with EU environmental protections (SACs, SCIs, SPAs) at the foot of Monte and Monte Alduide ADI.

This cozy, unique and so healthy environment, has a wild nature, from the window itself allows viewing birds and deer; even hear the "bellowing" (Cry of the male deer in mating season to mark territory) from the porch of the house. A few meters from the house passes the river Etxarro, small and very pretty, which carries water all year round, in which many trout are found.

From the same house without put you behind the wheel, you can visit the Monastery of Zilbeti, The Painted Forest Gernika, smuggling routes and Heretic well as many other routes around our town immersed in stunning beeches. For the more adventurous there is also the possibility of climbing different mountains towering like Adi (1.458m.).

With the rise of majestic Mount Adi can enjoy the breathtaking views in all directions, can be spotted as far away as El Moncayo (between Zaragoza and Soria), Los Picos de Huesca, Urbasa-Andia, Aizkorri (Gipuzkoa), La Rhune (between Zugarramurdi and San Juan de Luz) and also the French coast.

The village bordering the territory Zllbetí ago muga with Urepel, Sorogain, Urkiaga, Eugi, Erro, Baztan Valley ... Where will discover beautiful landscapes to photograph in an atmosphere of relaxation, peace and quiet.

Just 15 minutes, we find the complex of the Collegiate Church of Orreaga / Roncesvalles and 35 minutes Irati forest.

We have opted for sustainable tourism in rural areas, heating the house organically (BIOMASS). You can also enjoy the local cuisine and check the meioambiental commitment that exists in the way of life of mountain villages, meet the Pyrenean culture all in an economical manner.