The plot where the house is called Ikaztegiuriza, which in Basque is to say "coal warehouse", this is because prior to 1970 was just a storehouse of coal; it was a way of life, which helped the family economy; felled beeches old or pruned branches of the youngest (forest Art, fully sustainable, which has allowed even exploited the forest, reaches us today in perfect condition), the stinging and rode the coal in the bush, you have this that is, burning wood to make charcoal and then on down to the farm where today this rural house for storage and sale.

Zilbeti major economies were smuggling, selling coal, cheese production and livestock, austere life and very hard. Therefore, many of the inhabitants of Zilbeti emigrated to America in search of better fortune. This was the case of my father, who after the stay in California back in 1970 and with help from family built in the vicinity of the family home a sheep pen and was also used to store fodder horses Cattle Breed Burguete we have always worked as main economy of the family until 2016 to become the charming country house there today.