This house was built in 2015 in Zilbeti in the Pyrenees Navarro in order to offer our customers the peace and quiet we can not find in the cities.

The building has two apartments, on the one hand, we have the house ADIPE named as all of the protected Mount Adi (1,457 m.) Building. This house has 5 bedrooms, with total capacity for 10 people, with the possibility to request to request 2 extra beds.

On the other hand we have the APAINDURI house, which is named for being a home collection features 4 bedrooms, double, giving a capacity of 8 people and also with the possibility of 2 extra beds 2 renting house together can have a total capacity of 22 people.

Both houses are fully equipped providing a large outdoor recreational green plot that makes
houses are a place of rest and freedom for all our customers.